Essay on A Short Note On Health Care And Physical Assessment Class

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A.B is a 25 year old female. Today this patient did not seek health care or have any concerns but allowed me to do a complete physical assessment on her for my physical assessment class. This patient states she is in good health at this time. A.B. lives in Avery, Texas with her husband, daughter, and two step daughters. The primary and only language spoken in this household is English. She states she and her family attend church occasionally, when asked how often occasionally is for her she responds “about once a month.” A.B. is currently working at Paris Regional Medical Center as a Nurse Aide on the Oncology floor where she states she “enjoys the interaction with her patients and the teamwork on the floor.” At this time she has some college degree but is working on her basics with an undecided career choice but knows she wants to stay in the medical field. When asked about her past medical history she states she “grew up in Oklahoma with two brothers, her parents, a grandmother, aunts, uncles and dozens of cousins.” She claims her family 's heritage is that of Cherokee Indian but they do not participate in the Indian culture; although her family is very close and gather together all the time. She states she was a “healthy child who liked to play in the dirt” growing up and that their mother took them to their wellness checkups where they received all of their vaccinations. When asked about her family 's medical history she tells me that her grandmother recently suffered…

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