A Short Note On Gambling, Shopping And Fast Food : The Senior Citizen Edition

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HDF 418 Fall 16 Term Project Class Time: 7pm Name: Alisha Hansen ID#: 10
Gambling, Shopping and Fast Food: The Senior Citizen Edition
The main focus of my project was to explore some of the stereotypes regarding older adults. My ideas about activities stemmed from TV shows/movies and how they portrayed the older adults. One stereotype that I explored was that older adults tend to hang around in casinos, which led me to spending two nights wandering the Soaring Eagle Casino. Another stereotype I explored was that only older adults tend to play bingo which I also did. The third stereotype that I explored was that older women tend to spend their time shopping and are always looking for a good sale, this required that I spend some extra time shopping and observing older adults. The fourth stereotype that I did in this project was based on the assumption that older adults tend to be regular customers at diner’s and other food establishments. This is mentioned in my fourth activity and also the other observations that were made over the semester (see Appendix). I chose to do this topic because I thought it might be interesting to explore the accuracy of the various stereotypes related to those 65 and older.
Activity Description
Activity #1: This activity was based on the stereotype that older adults inhabit the casinos more than other generations. This activity took place two different days: November 3 from 5p to 10p & November 14 from 5p to 8p. This activity took…

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