Abraham Lincoln's Accomplishments

In this essay I will be talking about one of the most famous, respected, and known heroes to ever lead this country. His Name is Abraham Lincoln our 16th President. I will be giving you a shortened biography on the life of Abraham. We will discussing his early life, along with important significant events in his life. Also goals, and accomplishments. Along with the reasoning behind why he is one of the most well respected, and beloved presidents for the some of the greatest things this country has seen. We will then move into his death, and final impact on the United States as a whole.
Abraham Lincoln Was born in his mothers (Nancy Hanks Lincoln) and fathers (Thomas Lincoln) one bedroom log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky on Sinking Spring
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He also had possessed some of the greatest qualities of compassion and kindness which was also combined with high levels of wisdom. When he or his advisors and others fell to a disagreement Abe would tell stories to express his own view which normally worked, and generally turned the views of others to his side, which granted him untold respect and admiration. They say he could virtually disarm his opponents and enemies with his highly skillful, and moralistic leadership. With these skills of his, he was able to get more followers, and volunteers which shifted the war in favor of himself and the union. Confederate General Robert E lee was attempting to evade Petersburg, Virginia when he was cut off by union forces, and then was forced to sign a piece treaty ending the war in …show more content…
He was shot by actor John Wilkes Booth in the head with a .44 Derringer pistol. Booth thought he was doing a favor for his country and his race. He believed with Lincoln out of the picture all will be well and return to normal. The way the confederates wanted it to be. After being shot in the back of the head Abe was taking across the street from the theatre where he died nine hours later. It was a most horrible tragedy. Many believed the country would’ve reach untold heights had he not of been assassinated. Lincoln He was considered Americas wisest president. The best example he set for America today was simply through his most amazing example he set in leadership, and integrity. Even President Obama has mentioned Lincoln being one of his highest role models, along with countless American Politicians using Lincolns quotes to emulate his thinking. Abe is among most admired for his preserving of the Union, and introduction to the freedom of slaves, and his incapable leadership skills, and integrity. Ranking in top three presidents to ever serve for this country in votes to this day. He was great, He changed history for the best, to save the slaves, and bring this nation together truly making us the United States of America.
In this essay I have talked about one of the most famous, respected, and known heroes to ever lead this country. I gave you a shortened biography on the

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