A Separation Of Men And Women 's Athletics Essay

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Many years ago there were females who were in charge of athletic departments, but it was because there was a separation of men and women’s athletics. Women were in charge of the female sports and men were in charge of the male sports teams. In Bill Littlefield’s article (2015) he says after Title IX, the two departments were combined resulting in the women losing their jobs over the men. The process of hiring females in sport leadership positions is constantly evolving, and the most important part out of the whole process is where/how far the program is taken after being hired. Female athletes made up nearly half of the New Zealand team for the London Olympics, the same is not said for the coaches or management roles. During her research, Sarah Leberman (2012) found that women feel the industry is still a “good old boys’ club”. One thing she found was that women need to work on building relationships and the skills of negotiation if they want to be of equal par with men. She also found that out of the ninety national sport organizations, there were only ten female executives. It has been proven difficult for women to reach these positions. To be in the field of sports management is a difficult and time consuming profession. It is hard to have a family if you are constantly working, which includes weekend and night work. Positive things are beginning to happen to make the change within the industry, but it is going to take time for women to reach equality in pay and…

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