A Separate Peace : Character Development Essay

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What do people actually see in a character when they are reading a novel? When someone reads a novel they can see character development in a character. They can also see how a character can change the plot in a very extreme way. Personality in a character could either change and or stay the same when someone is reading a novel. Gene is a very important character when it comes to the mysterious novel A Separate Peace. The development of Gene is clearly shown when someone progresses in A Separate Peace. Gene changes the plot, and makes people question as they proceed in the novel. Gene in A Separate Peace can be a confusing and questionable character. It is hard to actually see what kind of character Gene actually is. There are many examples from the book that actually show us what kind of character Gene is, and how he affects the plot.
There are many events that Gene does in the book that change the plot of the story. The main event that changed the plot of the story is when Gene shoved Finny out of the tree. For the longest time characters in the novel started to question if Gene actually pushed Finny out of the tree. Once people started to figure this out, they started to question the characteristics of Gene. A couple days after Gene shoved Finny out of the tree, Gene started to act differently. Gene started to wear Finny’s clothes and that is really obscure. Throughout the course of the novel we could tell that Gene has been really jealous of Finny. This changes the plot…

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