What Is The Relationship Between Gene And Finny's Relationship In A Separate Peace

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World War II was a time where it felt like the entire world was depressed. Many people lost their jobs, had to enlist or be drafted in the army and maybe never see their loved ones again. Although, people had one last thing to make it through the war, and it was the people who they surrounded themselves with. Here, John Knowles’s novel A Separate Peace shows how the war affected the Devon School and the special relationship Gene and Finny have. Gene and Finny are there at school during the time of World War II. Gene is a smart, self-kept person, while his friend Finny is an outgoing, athletic person who seems like he has no fears. Although they have completely opposite personalities, it acts like a chain that it brings them closer together …show more content…
At the tree, Finny “shames” Gene to jump off the tree as a task for a course. Gene decides to jump off the tree while the rest of the boys sit back and watch. Finny was happy that Gene jumped and says this, “It’s you, pal...just you and me.” He and I started back across the fields, preceding the others like two seigneurs” (18). Finny has someone to talk to now, he sees that Gene was the only one brave enough to jump and they become friends. A good friendship starts of by a first good impression. Finny acts upon this by grabbing hold of Gene before he falls of a tree, causing Gene praise Finny for saving his life. The boys were out by the river conducting an induction that was to jump of a tree. Gene was up next and as he inched towards the edge he loses his balance and Finny catches him in time. Gene has to thank Finny for his life, “There was a moment of total, impersonal panic, and then Finny’s hand shot out and grabbed my arm, and with my balance restored, the panic immediately disappeared” (31). Gene felt Finny had protected him, and making his fear go away. Finny’s quick thinking actions saved Gene from falling and this creates a special bond between the two of them. Finny helping Gene in the scenarios creates a connection between them to show each other that they will be there for …show more content…
“I should have told him then that he was my best friend also and rounded off what he had said” (48). Gene wasn’t able to say the same because he felt something that he couldn't describe, but Finy didn’t mind because he knew that they were close friends. There might have been a feeling that he couldn’t express the same say Finny could but he does know what he wants to say.
Forgiving each other is a big part in a friendship; Finny forgives for juicing the limb when he explains what had happened. “I believe you. It’s okay because I understand and I believe you. You’ve already shown me and I believe you”. Finny accepts what Gene told him about the incident at the tree. This movement is a highlight of their friendship because it seems they have come to a peace and now have no weight left on their

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