A School Of Choice Policy Should Be Implemented Statewide Essay

1021 Words Mar 18th, 2016 null Page
At Brookland-Cayce High School in Columbia, South Carolina, a 10th grade student contacted the principal of River Bluff High School. This student had a special interest in the legal field, and although he was not zoned for River Bluff or a part of Lexington School District 1, he wondered if there was a way he would be able to attend the Center for Law and Global Policy Development at the school. Unfortunately, this student was not able to attend the specialized center for learning, which directly related to his career aspirations. Even though he lived a short 20 minute drive away, the district policy would not allow this to happen. This is a reality for many students. Kids across the state are not able to receive learning that better fits their needs because of restrictions in regard to school zoning. A school of choice policy should be implemented statewide in South Carolina because students can choose a school that fits their needs, this type of policy is already being passed in state legislatures across the nation, and this promotes student and parent involvement in education. Although school choice legislation is largely beneficial, it is important to understand common criticisms of the policy. A common belief is that allowing students to choose their schools will ultimately lead to the overpopulation of more desirable schools, and the closing of other schools due to lack of student enrollment. But, in districts like Lexington School District 1, the Student Services…

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