Nclb Act Persuasive Essay

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The House of Representatives has recognized that the NCLB policy is unfair toward disadvantaged students; therefore, they are currently debating on amending the act. Mr. Bonamici said that, “this amendment will help reduce the testing burden and recognizes that a one-size-fits-all policy to address testing won’t work” (Cameron). Unfortunately, students attending these failing schools are conditioned to take these annual state tests. The students know that there will be a huge test at the end of the school year because teachers let them know in advance. This leads to students who are not retaining the content to become discouraged, and seek help. However, in many of the failing schools, students do not have adequate resources, such as tutoring, …show more content…
“A Missouri law that permits students to transfer out of an unaccredited district – at the home district’s expense -- has caused thousands of students to switch schools” (Zubrzycki: “Mo. Transfer Law”). This law prohibits students from transferring from their current failing school to a better school during the academic school year. However, at the beginning of a new school year, these students can transfer to a better school district. Lawmakers may think that this is the best plan because it allows students the opportunity to take a chance at receiving a quality education. Although a majority of these students are behind, these children should be given a chance to have qualified instructors to teach them. “The ruling sent district and state officials scrambling to prepare school systems to receive students transferring out of unaccredited [districts]” (Zubrzycki: “Mo. Transfer Law”). Other school districts dislike this law because these incoming students have lower test scores; therefore, these students bring the school average down. These accredited schools fear losing its own accreditation because of these students. Teachers think that these children will fail because of their previous educational

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