A Sample Size Of 1000 California Community College Essay

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We are using a sample size of 1000 California Community college students. These Students must identify as first-generation college students in order to participate in the study. Another requirement is students must be planning to transfer within the next three years. The sampling will be non-random with a convenience scheme. The reason for this is because we are seeking a specific student population and must have participants that are willing to participate in our study. The participants will be chosen from one of the nine colleges belonging to the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). These colleges are: Pierce College, Los Angeles Mission College, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles City College, West Los Angeles College, Los Angeles Southwest College, Los Angeles Harbor College, East Los Angeles College, and Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. With location and availability of physically being in contact with the target population, it makes LACCD the ideal space. In 2011, LACCD released that 42% of students attending the nine colleges identify as first generation college students. The high percentage allows for a significant representation of student voices.
Students will complete a 20 minute survey during their first semester of college. This survey will be related to social, environmental and cultural factors in relation to student’s experiences in college. Surveys will be hosted online and distributed via e-mail.
Data Collection
All 1000…

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