Essay on A Rite Of Passage By The Morani Villagers

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A rite of passage is a ritual that takes place in honor of moving up an important step in life. There are three parts to a rite of passage, separation, liminality, and reintroduction. In the video “Rites of Passage” the Morani villagers display all three parts. The Morani are split into large groups by age range which represents separation. Liminality, is shown when the groups must learn and all by considered ready to move to the next level. Finally, the third part, reintroduction, is when they are moved to the next level where the cycle continues over again. These rites of passage take place around every seven years of their lives.
Similarly, education throughout the modernized world seems to follow a similar pattern. At age five or six, one graduates from kindergarten, then at age nine or ten, they graduate from elementary school, at age thirteen or fourteen, they move onto high school, where in four years they will graduate again. If they decide to go to college it will most likely be another four years to graduate again. Even a promotion from bagger to cashier at a store could be viewed as a rite of passage. You show promise as a responsible bagger, then you are trained to be a cashier, and later thrown into the work. All three parts, all rites of passage have different meaning levels to each person who experiences them as well. The Bikers who travel ten days across the states are on a rite of passage that is meant to dredge up the past that they had left behind. It is…

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