A Research Study On The Health Of Health Essay

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Orem describes a developmental requisite as an individual’s state resulting from a specific event or condition (Berman et al., 2012, p. 44). Orem would consider Mrs. Johnson’s developmental requisite as adjusting to not being able to cook for herself, put on a shirt and dress herself, or not being able to teach using a blackboard. Mrs. Johnson has lost some independence and will have to slowly progress in her environment.
Health Deviation Self-Care Fortunately for Mrs. Johnson her injury isn’t one that she’ll have to adjust to for a lifetime. She will have to regain strength in her shoulder, actively participating in her physical therapy sessions. Staying positive will decrease her frustrations of her injury. She will seek time finding something that relaxes her, such as meditation or going to her church group she is close with.
Perceptions of Health
Health may be perceived differently for each person. It’s highly important to be sensitive to each patient’s view of health. For me, health is a number one priority, eating thoughtful, well-balanced meals, exercising regularly (6-7 days/week), and taking care of overall self. This may be different for everyone. A person that has a sedentary lifestyle, eats fast food, and takes the stairs may consider their life healthy. A person that participates in marathons but smokes cigarettes may still consider themself to be in good health. Health can’t be objective. It’s important to connect with the patient and…

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