A Research Study On Structure, Relationships, And Processes Of It Organization

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This approach emphasises on structures, relationships, and processes of IT organization to be used toward development and control of IT/IS resources internally (Korac-Kakabadse, 2001). This field concerns with the adoption of best practice of IT function, providing an extensive predefined process and a more uncompromising, transparent framework, referring to a set of processes that management must do (Korhonen et.al., 2009). Researchers who study IT governance as a compliance process would introduce COBIT and ITIL as the standards, providing sets of exhaustive conformance for the quality of IT in an organization (Sallé, 2004).

While COBIT provides many beneficial aspects such as a direction, as an overall checklist in an extreme audit styles, ITIL is focused on the critical business processes. The similarity of the two is considerably a valuable management practice for controlling proposition (Sallé, 2004). Consequently, it creates consistency and uniformity, without favour or preference at an operational level Literature supports that having the standardized framework would increase IT control, IT efficiency, along with decreasing IT related costs (Simonson and Johnson, 2006; Van Grembergen 2003). Elements of control in such a robust governance framework would ease management setting by leveraging stakeholders’ conflict of interest, which naturally inherits from non-alignment between principal and agent (Licker, 2007). Wherein, Korhonen et al., (2009) argues that these…

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