Essay on A Research Study On Stem Cell Research

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One very salient aspect of stem cell research includes clinical advancements from stem cells. Multiple clinical trials prove highly effective in treating multiple diseases. Gene therapy remains one of the most significant advances. In Gene treatment, the changing of DNA in a few perspectives preludes as a natural event. Some viruses infect humans by implanting their genetic information into our cells and in some forms of gene therapy, the same type of virus engineers to re-create healthy versions of a human gene. Hundreds of procedures use "viral vectors" (“Stem Cells Back in the Limelight (Special Report)” in clinical trials, to target multiple diseases. Because multiple forms of gene therapy naturally occur, no ethics break in the therapy. A research team at Harvard 's Stem Cell Institute uses ESCs to transform into pancreatic cells of mice (Wheelwright). Results from the study conclude stem cells contain the ability to create insulin which cured the diabetes. With further research, researchers predict a cure for diabetes. Results from the ongoing trial can not only cure millions of Americans but also save millions of dollars (Wheelwright). Increasing funding for stem cell research would prove beneficial for the government and taxpayers, saving both money. The same research team 's current goal involves the eye-- and more precisely, eyes receding from macular degeneration. From a clinical study, results conclude a retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) producing from cells and…

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