A Research Study On Self Reported Survey Data Essay

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There are several limitations of this study that are worth noting. First of all, self-reported survey data was the only source for analysis, which made it hard for the researcher to detect any misconstrued responses or the honesty of the respondents. Since the survey-based, non-experimental quantitative study is considered a “narrow-angel lens” approach (Johnson &
Christensen, 2012, p. 35), the findings generated in this study may fail to offer details of cause and effect behaviors. Secondly, qualitative data, such as observations, interviews and/or journal logs should be considered in future research so that points of reference pertinent to this topic can be evaluated and interpreted with greater accuracy. Thirdly, although correlations between investigated variables were found in this study, the results did not explain the causal relationships. Lastly, the participating subjects in this study were exclusively from one country of origin, Mainland China, and were recruited based on accessibility from one single university. Thus, the result generated from this study may not be representative of the entire population, and should be interpreted with caution in regards to its generalizability to English language learners from other Chinese speaking countries (i.e., Hong Kong, and Taiwan), as well as to other ethnic groups of English language learners. Future research may replicate this study using Chinese English language learners from varied regions as well as different…

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