A Research Study On Self Administered Surveys And The Foundation Of Any Research

748 Words Mar 10th, 2016 3 Pages
Research is the careful process of investigating a subject to discover facts to deliver actionable conclusions and recommendations and the foundation of any research is the research question. In other words, researchers must gathering information to answer the research question. Researchers use sampling techniques to gather data from a smaller subset of the total population. Widely used, self-administered surveys are valuable tools to gather data necessary to to answer a research question. Particularly, self-administered surveys or questionnaires are a fundamental research sampling strategy to collect and analyze the human attributes of research since questionnaires and surveys gather large amounts of data from smaller numbers. These surveys can come in many forms and cover a variety of topics ranging from accessing the satisfaction of an academic advisor, or professionalism of a customer service representative, or gathering data on workplace efficiencies.
Literature Review Ubiquitous, self-administered surveys gather a large amount of information inexpensively and quickly. Whether for research or information gathering, these surveys use self-reported data to learn about a respondents experience, feelings, or perceptions of reality. Administered via paper, telephone, or computer, these surveys are widely used and accessible to participants. Depending upon sample size and research objective, researchers can use a single method (for example paper-based) or mixed…

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