A Research Study On Organizational Patterns Essay

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Organizational Patterns
Chapter one will include the introduction to my research question: What school at the undergraduate and graduate level has the most hours for the undergraduate and graduate degree in stage management? As well as its signicance to the fact there is no ranking created for higher level schools offering stage management.
Secondly, I will include the problem related to my research question. This chapter will also include the purpose of this paper, which is what higher education is offering the most hours that in terms will prepare students for a career in stage management. I will also explain the scope and limitations, which are the areas I decided not to cover in order for me to reach an answer to my research question. Lastly, this chapter will include the method of using a content anaylsis.
Chapter two, Literature Review. In this section, I will present the arguments from scholarly books and articles related to my topic. The two articles “Teaching Theatre on the Graduate level in Colleges and Universities” and “Theatre Teaching Development” will provided the base to the development of my research question. The three books, Stage Management and Theatrecraft, A Guidebook of Practical Techniques, and Stage Managing and Theatre Etiquette will help me discover, what essential elements do one needs to be a stage manager. I will also compare and contrast what the authors are saying to show where they agree and where they differ.
Chapter three:…

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