Donnie Darko: Film Analysis

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Cold breeze rushes through the trees as the morning sun rises. Feels as if we are being knitted downward onto the dirt trail where Donnie lays. He then sits himself up, you can tell by the look on his face that he is confused and unaware of his unconcerned journey. “Where was he going and why?” This is the first question we asks ourselves when we discover Donnie Darko. This scene from Donnie Darko became part of my subconscious. I began contemplate where Donnie Darko was going and why. I became so intrigued with the character of Darko, I became engrossed in solving the mystery of films. I thought about what the director wanted his audience know and why. Watching movies is a hobby for me but I didn't start really paying attention to …show more content…
It is satisfying being a part of creating a film. I have for a long time developed interests and affection in the film industry. It has been my aspiration all along to pursue a career in filmmaking and directing. Making choices concerning the film institutions is crucial. The New York School is taking priority consideration owing to some factors. On my grounds, it is worth no achievement comparison to attending the New York Film School. This is because of the school’s “learn and do” philosophy. It offers the best industrial practices as opposed to the former years’ theoretical study for filmmakers and actors. The information I have about the school is that the educational model they have adopted enables the students to achieve more in a little span of time as compared to other film and acting schools across the globe. The school learning programs that include, filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, cinematography, musical theater, for instance, are done both theoretically and practically, giving students a broad spectrum understanding about the artwork. This is just a little orientation knowledge propelling me into joining the school to pursue the course. Besides all, Fine Art as a field of study is ideal for self-employment. One does not have to go about looking for jobs on completion of studies. The learning process is also not so much demanding concerning skill but only sharpens the real spirit and love for film works. It is great and lively taking part in the film

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