A Research Study On Early Childcare Centers And Home Based Programs

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A sample population is a group of potential research participants from whom a researcher would generalize the results of a study (Leedy & Ormod, 2013). The sample research population for the study was early childcare staff from licensed childcare centers and home based programs in the United States. The sample consisted of early licensed childcare centers in Illinois that included classroom teachers, classroom aids, home visitors, directors, executive directors, family service workers, and coordinators. A classroom teacher provided developmentally appropriate educational services for young children. A teacher aid assisted classroom teacher for providing support in delivering educational services for young children. A home visitor used family home environment along with program materials to make educational services available to parent and child once a week for 90 minutes. A preschool director was in charge of hiring staff, managing enrollment and overseeing day-to-day activities at a preschool. A family service worker provided comprehensive services to children and families through combination of direct and referral services delivered through the program. The comprehensive services included education, health, nutrition, mental health, and any other services based on identified needs of families. An executive director was a managing director of childcare center or childcare agency. Coordinators were in-charge of planning mental health and education services to children and…

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