Essay about A Research Study On Distance Learning

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Although, “distance learning” has become more popular over the years, community college students are getting younger and universities are shirking. Nevertheless, the social, experiences that colleges and vocational schools provide are paramount to any online universities. Because of face-to-face interaction with students, teachers, and “hands-on” experience when, “preparing for a career”. Interacting with other students can determine how successful you are in college. Most instructors will have students work in groups, because in small groups student tend to talk more and can get a better understanding of the information. College can be default at times and some courses may require some help. So having study group can be really helpful. For example, a course may require taking notes, you will miss things at times so, having that person there that will help correct your notes, or that will let you copy their notes when you miss class. So it’s very important that you make friends and or associates in your classes.
This brings me to surrounding yourself with positive people. Having positive people around when things get tough. Feeling overwhelmed is almost a normal feeling to have when attending college. Words of encouragement at times can have a positive outlook on the tough times in college.
Secondly, interacting with teachers is just as important as what they teach. In the essay, “Can You Be Educated from a Distance”, they ask, “After all, what does it matter how, ot…

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