A Research Study On Belfast 's Branch Essay

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To become an learning organisation, it should have a learning and development (LND) strategy. This strategy needs to work along with the organisation 's values, goals, visions and statement (its overall business strategy).
Belfast 's branch want to build a LND strategy, which aligns learning and development schemes to support the progression of their people, which are aligned to their organisational strategy, values and brand. This strategy will be incorporated within one of the organisation 's current strategies. Named 'Ambition 2015 '; is about 'X ' wanting to become the leading advising organisation but to do this, they feel they need to unlock its potential. 'X ' believe that unlocking its potential, will mean unlocking its people 's potential. If the organisation grows, its people will grow, but only if the organisation creates an environment for development.
Belfast 's branch is an Human Resource Development (HRD) organisation. This HRD team would be a stand-alone component of Human Resource Management (HRM) based in England. The HRD team (renamed as the 'People and Culture ' team) have only two members; one of which actually work in Belfast. This team lead the firm 's activities to attract, recruit, motivate and retain talented people in order to achieve the organisation 's strategic and operational goals. This team want to ensure they have the right people in the right roles but also to create a high performance, distinguished working environment that attracts…

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