Essay on A Research Study On Animal Farming

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Intensive Animal Farming
Science has given people the ability to grow animals faster and faster, shortening the time from farm to table. Similar to the mass production of the automobile or clothing, meat needed to be mass produced to provide a less expensive product for the insatiable appetite for meat in the United States. Intensive Animal Farming practices began to grow in the 1970s and now account for almost 100% chickens raised meat, 97% of the chickens laying eggs, 99% of turkeys, 95% of pigs, and 78% of cattle (Pirello, 2012) Agribusiness companies control most the market in regard to meat and have been able to produce cheaply and efficiently while maintaining a uniform product across the nation. Selective breeding, antibiotic use and genetic engineering have been use to create the faster way for an animal to reach its peak weight. Compared to the 70 days from hatching in the 1950s, a chicken can grow to its slaughter weight in 47 days (Farm Sanctuary, 2014). America, built on agriculture and animal husbandry, has seen a lot of growth in technology being used as a tool and taking on the role of the traditional farmer.
America consumption of meat continues to rise. When looking at trends of meat consumption over the last century, pork and beef have remained constant while turkey and chicken consumption have almost doubled (Dubner, 2010). The increase in the consumption of both chicken and turkey, when compared to women entering the workforce, shows a correlation between…

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