Essay on A Research Study Of Behavior And Mental Processes

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When I thought about connecting biology with another class I am taking, my first thought was to connect it with math. Math is used quite frequently in Biology. However, I chose to take a different approach. The other day in psychology class, I realized I could connect my class to biology in many ways. Biology is the study of life while psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. There are many similarities between the two classes such as genetics, evolution, and cell structure. Taking one class helps me to understand the other class much better. This semester, I am currently taking a psychology class. the main goal of the class is to focus on the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. I was taught about the different types of psychology and how to apply them to different cases. I also learned about the biological foundations of behavior and how the brain works. Scientific methods also played a large role when studying psychology. There are different methods and theories which are considered while studying psychology. I also learned what makes psychology a science. One way psychology is a science is through scientific approach. Through scientific approach, you look at the curiosity, skepticism, objectiveness, and critical thinking of psychology. One of the last things I learned in my psychology class is psychological disorders and their treatments. Learning about the different disorders helped me to make connections. The first connection I made between…

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