A Research Report On Children Essay

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Much to my surprise I did not see many of the children engaged in eye-hand coordination activities. The toys are available on the shelves but the children were not using at the time of my visit. SO as I reviewed the findings from my assessment is didn’t surprise me to record that many children were uncomfortable with using scissors. Tw of the five children I assessed are going to kindergarten and only one was able to operate the scissor correctly and with that child she needed a few minutes to adjust herself with the scissors. It didn’t seen natural for her to use the scissors. When I placed connectors on the table during my assessment the children did use appropriately. One child was playing with a wind up timer and showed lots of strength in the eye-hand coordination. I would have accepted these children to be more comfortable with the process of cutting paper. The overall experience was of disinterest from the children in regards to cutting, building or stacking. AS I discussed my findings with my host teacher she didn’t seem too surprised or concerned with the fact that a four and a five year old had difficultly using scissors appropriately. She did share that scissor use is a choice not hardly ever has she had a scissor activity in the classroom. I asked if this would change after I had shared the findings. She said as this school year comes to an end she will remember to implement a cutting activity from time to time. Child IV is a four year old girl…

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