Essay on A Research Project On My Career Goal

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University Research Project Part Three My career goal is to be a counseling psychologist. Counseling psychologists typically

work in private practices, where they help people work through their struggles in a healthy

manner. They allow the patients to talk about all the issues and problems that they are facing in

life, so that the counselor can see the areas that need the most work. This career path is one

that allows the people with the exhortation gift or the mercy gift to help those who are

struggling, but these professional counselors may face some struggles in their career. Two areas

that counselors sometimes struggle with are the confidentiality part of their job and not

allowing their patient’s struggles affect the relationship with the counselor’s family and friends.

There are many different aspects involved in the affects of the confidentiality of a

client’s information that can put some stress on the counselor. The relationship of a patient and

psychologist is of very importance because the patient has to be comfortable to open up, but it

can also present an issue. For example, “This relationship places obligations and duties on the

professional for a full commitment to the care of the patient and places the patient’s interests

above all other concerns, including the professional’s self-interests” (Murphy, p.43). The issue of

self-interest is an area, in which many psychologists have to be careful from providing too much


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