Interpersonal Process: SMART Detection As A Nurse

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Interpersonal Process Recording While working as a nurse you must make goals for your patient and you must aid in them attaining that goal. As a nurse we use SMART format to create a goal for the patient; SMART stands for Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. In my interpersonal process recording consists of me and my patient discussing why she does not allow many to help her and why she refuses to have any treatments done to her bed sores. My SMART goal for her is by the end of my shift she will allow me to aid in the care given to her and will allow me to give her a bed bath and perform some treatments on her to decrease the severity of her bed sores. Attaining my goal was not easy in this situation because …show more content…
Today we changed your dressings, gave you a bed bath and repositioned you. We will continue to do so until further notice. We will bathe you three times and week and change the dressing every shift or when saturated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Okay, thank you I will be sure to do that. I may need a pain pill soon. Thank you again! As of right now I do not have any questions, but when I do I’ll be sure to call. Summarizing the conversation:
I summarized what was discussed and what was done during my visit. I also asked if she had any questions I could clarify and if none at the moment just get a hold of me when you do have any questions to aid in the clarification process
Yes of course, let me know when you are in need of a pain pill. I will be back in a couple hours to reposition you and check on your pain level. Establishing trust:
Explaining I will be back to continue helping the patient shows an interest in their well-being and want to truly aid in the healing process by helping them reposition and continuing with pain
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I wanted to obtain the trust of my patient so I could help my patient feel better about themselves and just feel like a healthier person. My patient had many issues with being surrounded by judgmental people and she believed I was just another person to judge her until I established the trust that was needed for her to allow me to proceed in the cares needed. I do not personally believe that any other form of therapeutic communication would have helped as much as this one did in the particular scenario. In the end it is unprofessional for staff to judge a patient based on health issues. As a nurse we are to develop high ethics and respect for the patients. We are not here to judge a patient; we are here to aid in the healing process and allow them the ability to go home healthier and stonger before. If the trust is broken and the patient no longer wants you around this will in-turn cause a decrease in the patients mental and health status to dwindle. If their health turns for the worse this means we as nurses have failed at our job and need to recheck the reason as to why we became nurses to begin

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