Essay about A Research On The Tesla Powerwall

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Our group project was based around up and coming solar technologies. The research we did as a group were framing ways that our world can collect the suns energy and make a useful output. I did my research on The Tesla Powerwall. Tesla Motors is an automobile manufacturer that has a concentration in electric motors. By producing cars with an electric motor is decreasing air pollution. The effects of air pollution are, and can be very devastating. Tesla thrives on making these motors silent and smooth. Unlike a gasoline combusting engine with hundreds of moving parts, Tesla Cars only have one moving part, which is the rotor. More specifically, the product we did our solar energy research on is the Tesla Powerwall is an energy storage device for a more sustainable home. It can be easily installed and requires little, to no maintenance. The Powerwall is a home battery that is charged by using electricity from solar panels. This energy storage device can power your home when utility rates are low, and can power your home through the night when the sun is not present. The Powerwall stores the electricity that is collected in the day from the solar panels and makes it ready for use in the evening. One thing the Powerwall supports, is in the instance of a power outage, it can provide a backup power supply. The solar energy collected in the day, is then stored into the Powerwall unit, and can be used at later times. It runs automatically and is simple to install. The Tesla Powerwall…

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