Essay about A Research On A Substance Abuse Treatment Center

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It’s hard to believe that I am six weeks into my senior practicum especially when it feels like I was just walking in nervous yesterday. I received my first visit from my field instructor this week and I believe it went really well. I am glad that my supervisor is impressed with what I have accomplished. I am also glad that my field instructor was impressed with Shepherd’s Shelter Ross Rehab. I have learned a lot in six weeks about my agency and I know there is still more to learn as my journey at my agency continues.

I did some brainstorming this week about what I want to do my research project on. It’s hard because there are so many different topics to write on especially when it comes to a substance abuse treatment center. I could do a comparison research on the relapse statistics between my agency and another treatment center. I could do global research on how the other treatment across the map compare and contrast to the ones in the United States. There are just so many different paths to down with this research project. I know I need to make a decision soon and start putting my paper together.

I believe one on the biggest highs of this week at my agency was when I did my bio psych social interview. I was so nervous to the point where I was almost ready to use my backup client. I was nervous about asking the wrong questions, offending my client and giving off bad nonverbal. I can’t count how many times my facial expressions have told a different story than…

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