Essay about A Report On The Job Field

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On December second just a week ago, our class was lucky enough to have David Terry come to Utah State and hold a lecture for the students. His job is certainly not any ordinary job. He is lucky enough to get to fly drones around different landscapes most days! But his job is certainly not just fun n ' games! It is expensive and requires a lot of knowledge, and hard work it is not simply just flying a drone.

You are possibly asking yourself what in the world does this man do for a living? What kind of job allows you to fly around drones? The answer being three-dimensional modeling as well as mapping using U.A.V technology. His job field is advancing extremely rapidly and putting older methods to the back burner. This job is far from simple and extremely far from cheap as well! Creating models and maps so correct, they range from a single centimeter to a single millimeter off they are that close to being exactly down to the point. They are correct enough that in the end you can select a single pixel in the image and have all the data information that is in that single pixel.

In 2014 David Terry started his company. He uses drones to takes aerial images of landscapes. He tells us that this job is definitely a lifestyle kind of job. It consists of mostly data collection, model making, mapping, keeping the F.F.A happy, and much more. In order to be in this business, you must have a flying license just like if you were to fly a commercial earlier. That means if you shoot…

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