Essay about A Report On The Business Day Weekend

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Good afternoon Gentlemen,

I hope your day is going well and that you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. In the below link are all the Fowler August 2016 Digital Reports for your records and review:

Due to some outdated information and photos, on August 17th, Gwen reached out to me and requested we hide the staff page on the Dodge website for the time being.

I received an email from Chrysler informing me that the OEM Labor Day event assets were available and that they recommended getting creative live on the website. As you may have already noticed, this was completed on your behalf and expired off the website 9/6. For September, Jeep will be running their “Celebration Event” and Ram will be promoting the "Power Days" Event,” all assets will be tagged once new offers are received and the events began today.

During the month of August, Chevrolet promoted their tier 1 “Bonus Tag” event which featured 16% Of MSRP Cash Back On Select Remaining 2016 Chevy Vehicles In Stock. This event ended on 8/31 and all assets have been removed.

Jay Frank reached out to me with regards to the homepage hero images and not being able to see the navigation arrows. We adjusted the creative, however he said he was still not seeing it and informed me that the arrows weren’t appearing on the version of IE they had at the dealership and requested us to change to a different navigation. Since this is a platform issue, I had to go to DealerOn with this and they have adjusted the version of the…

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