A Report On Poisonous Electronics Essay

1897 Words Oct 4th, 2016 8 Pages
Poisonous Electronics in Ghana When I first think of Africa the word desert comes to mind. After reading books and learning about Africa in core discussions I have gained so much more insight as to what Africa is all about. Africa is a very diverse continent with many cultures and a very large population. Although there are many countries in Africa, I will be focusing on a country in Western Africa, Ghana. Many are unaware of the electronic wastelands in Ghana, tons of used appliances are being discarded here every year. This e-waste is a major problem for the people of Ghana and it needs to be taken care of, not only is it bad for their health but toxins such as lead leak into the soil and cause many problems for crops and wildlife. I would say the majority of people want what is best for the ecosystem and want to promote green living. Millions of people have thrown away electronics and don’t think twice about where it goes. Nowadays especially, electronic waste is on the rise since advancements in technology are being made. I could not think of many people who don’t have some sort of electronic device, whether it is a cell phone, VCR, printer, fax machines, laptops or scanners. Some of these items are becoming outdated after only a couple of years. Once these newer models come out people want them as soon as they can get them. Landfills in Ghana are being hammered with tons and tons of electronics that people get rid of ("The Dangers of Electronic Waste,” n.d.). The…

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