Dolphin Hunting: A Cruel Practice

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Recently, a lot of concern has been raised from various parts of the world regarding the cruelty associated with the modern method of dolphin hunting called “drive hunting” introduced in 1969. According to the survey, more than 85% of ordinary Australians believe that dolphin hunting is a cruel practice. Dolphin hunting is still practiced in Japan in the town of Taiji with an intervention of high-technology equipment to drive the dolphins towards the coast. The only established and well-recognised international organisation responsible for the protection and welfare of cetaceans is the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Even though IWC aims to protect a variety of cetaceans, it fails to protect small cetaceans such as dolphins
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This happens annually and dolphins have used these routes for thousands of years. Several fishing boats wait closely outside the coast for their regular harvesting of dolphins. When a group of dolphins approach near the parameter, fishermen drop large metal poles into the water. These metal poles are then clanged with hammers creating a wall of sound that petrifies dolphins. The dolphins flee from the sound until they are driven ashore and trapped in the net set up by the fishermen. From the herd, a few are purchased by aquariums and the remaining dolphins are taken to be killed by the fishermen.
There are two major reasons that promote dolphin hunting in Japan. The ultimate goal of dolphin hunting is money. The majority of dolphins captured in Taiji are slaughtered for meat consumption and only a few are taken to aquariums for entertainment purposes.
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Japanese fishermen use a cruel method to hunt dolphins. At the National Aquarium of Baltimore, dolphins in the aquarium died due to an extreme noise emitted from the filtration system. This indicates that dolphins are extremely sensitive to sound. During the process of capturing dolphins, the dolphins are stressed out to max and exhausted fleeing from frightening wall of sound. It is the Japanese fishermen who take advantage of this weakness of dolphins to drive them to the cove where inhumane massacre occurs using harpoons.
There is a concern of public health in Japan who can easily become innocent victims of mercury poisoning. As mentioned before, dolphin meat carries high levels of toxins such as mercury, methyl mercury and cadmium. Dolphin meat is not a popular category of meat in Japan. Dolphin meat is often disguised as whale meat and many whale meat products are replaced with dolphin meat products. . Dolphin meat can contain up to 20 times the safe dose of mercury set by the World Health Organisation. Regular consumption of dolphin meat may lead to the accumulation of mercury. Higher health risk has been observed in a growing foetus when mercury contaminated products were consumed by the mother. There are no known warning signs on dolphin products. Japanese Government are deceiving the public and poisoning their

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