A Report On Car Travel Essay example

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Summer is here and more than likely you will be taking to the road over the next few months. From now through Labor Day, millions of Americans will be heading out by car, plane, train and bus.

Car travel is still the most significant of the conveyances used by vacationers to get them where they are going. But there are challenges too, including traffic, possible breakdowns, and driver fatigue. Here’s how to beat the heat this summer and arrive at your destination safely.

Prepare Your Car

Traveling hundreds or thousands of miles while on vacation can take a toll on your car. It is important that your vehicle is road ready and that means completing your scheduled maintenance before you head out.

Your owner’s manual should be followed and all due items handled before you leave. It is also good to confirm the working order of your lights, your battery connection, hoses, clamps, and tires. Make sure your spare tire has enough air and replace those worn wiper blades before you leave.

Bring an Emergency Kit

If you do experience a breakdown, will you have your auto club’s number handy to assist you? What problems can you handle yourself? Putting together some type of emergency kit is important and can keep you and your family safe while you wait.

An emergency kit should be composed of a working flashlight, extra batteries, reflective warning triangles or flares, jumper cables, gloves, duct tape, rags, a tire gauge, and foam tire sealant. You might also include a cell phone…

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