Essay on A Report On Auto Pilot Driving

1104 Words Dec 20th, 2016 5 Pages
Auto pilot driving, also called self-driving, a brand new industry that arises public concern currently, was initiated by Tesla Motor within current two years. As literally defines, autopilot driving is a system used in a car to drive or operate without hand-in control by drivers. Tesla Motor, obviously, is not the first enterprise, nor the only enterprise entering this new market. However, we cannot deny that this flag Silicon Valley company successfully attracts public’s focus; more importantly, it launched a new industrial revolution that other technical giants, such as Google, began to compete with Tesla in this new market. Naturally, Google establishes a department as well to research on self-driving car to catch up the technical speed.

However, a new industry may not completely avoid confronting setbacks or mistakes in the beginning stages. Not to mention that manufacturing industry always have defective rate issues in the producing process. Therefore, like Six Sigma, this famous principle, is applied in the manufacturing industry to minimize the inferior products. Nevertheless, even a manufacture company meets the Six Sigma such high production standard, defective rates—no matter how small it is, always exist. Tesla Motor is definitely not an exception. A 40-year-old man Joshua Brown, from Canton, Ohio, was killed when driving a Model S while turning on autopilot system in Northern Florida. And autopilot system was designed to have crash-avoidance mechanism as…

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