A Report On Alphabet Energy Essay

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Alphabet Energy Matt Scullin is the PhD student in UC Berkeley and he has high interests in thermoelectric technology. In his academic career, he found that the traditional way of power generating wastes about 60% energy. While with the thermoelectric technology people can generate electricity from wasted heat and it can improve efficiency in 10% to 25%. By using his own technology, Matt started a company called alphabet energy and producing superior thermoelectric device. He narrowed his targets to four industries: automotive, aerospace, power generation and manufacturing. Automotive industry is the area that the team most passionate about. Typical motor engine converts only 30% energy into propulsion. Thermoelectric generator could potentially use for improve vehicle fuel economy by converting engine generated heat to electricity, a thermoelectric system connected to engine exhaust could make cars 10% more fuel efficient. The market of automotive industry is large. There are growing automobile market internationally and domestically, but the margin is low as 8% so it’s better for scale production, and only small size of thermoelectric system is needed for automotive industry. It would take several years from the introduction of a new technology to commercialized production, so it’s not a smart choice for a new company. One way could be partnership with big suppliers and share the technology in this industry. Aerospace and defense is the second target industry of…

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