Why Didn T Have Cars Research Paper

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Although there are many inventions that have changed the way we live our day to day lives, the one that has helped us numerously is the car. The car helps people get food from grocery stores, helps many pick their kids up from school, and transports people to unexplored destinations. The car helps many people go to the grocery store. If we didn’t have cars, we would have to walk hundreds of miles just to get groceries. The car has made it remarkably easy to the grocery store, and get to it. Obviously the car has made getting to the grocery store very accessible. The car also helps us to get home from any destination. Many people also take road trips, and without the car this would be extremely challenging. Even though cars may have their downs, they will always be the best way to travel. …show more content…
Suppose that cars hadn’t been invented yet, and people had to walk their kids to and from school. That would be troublesome and irritating, and not to mention exhausting. Cars make it much more beneficial to pick children up from school everyday. If people had to go somewhere extraordinarily far away, and the car hadn’t been invented, then they wouldn’t be able to go because it was too far away. The last reason cars help people is because if there was a natural disaster, many would perish because they would not run fast enough. So if cars weren’t invented and people had to get away from a tornado, hurricane, or tsunami then they would just have to run because the car hadn’t been made yet. Noticeably, cars are the most useful invention on the face of this Earth, and they help people tremendously everyday. Even though many inventions flood this Earth today, the car is the most profitable one yet. The car helps people get to and from the grocery store, helps parents pick up their children from school, and help many get away from natural disasters like tornados and

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