A Report From The Institute Of Medicine Essay

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Reflection paper
A report from The Institute of Medicine’ s (IOM) report demands on nurses to play a more prominent part in America 's inexorably intricate health care framework (ANA, 2011). Nurses and most of the nursing organizations profoundly recognizes the IOM for its recently discharged report on the nursing profession and recognizes the requirement for nurses to play an administration part in all settings to meet the requests of our moving health care framework. Many of the elements and proposals of the “IOM Report on the Future of Nursing” are reflected in our enduring work to propel the nursing profession (ANA, 2011). The “IOM report” has 8 recommendations (Institute of Medicine, 2011).This paper will explain this author’s feeling on the recommendation 4, 5 and 6 of the “IOM report on the future of nursing”.
My Career: Recommendation 4
Among the more discussed suggestions in the “Institute of Medicine 's Future of Nursing report” is the proposition to expand the percentage of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80 percent by 2020 (Sherman, 2012). The IOM report puts forth a solid defense to support that developments in science and expanding patient complexity have quickened our requirement for nurses with the knowledge and skill to deal with a challenging and progressively diverse health care setting (Sherman, 2012). One of the most grounded contentions to bolster the requirement for a higher rate of BSN prepared nurses is the research indication that a more…

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