Educating Nurses : A Call For Radical Transformation Essay

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A Book Review: Educating Nurses; A Call for Radical Transformation
Many authors have suggested that, in response to the skills that nurses require to meet the needs of society and the health-care system, nursing education must be transformed. Benner, Sutphen, Leonard and Day go a step further and call for “urgent and radical transformation” of how nurses are educated and how nursing educators are prepared for their teaching role. Benner et al. analyze the results of the Carnegie National Nursing Education study, conducted in 2006, and share their interpretations, insights, and worries in a well-organized and logically flowing book. Fortunately, they also propose solutions in this “must read” for any nurse educator, nursing dean, or health-care administrator. True to Benner’s style, vivid examples provide meaningful context to the analysis of the study’s somewhat depressing findings. The authors are not afraid to share their blunt conclusions, using statements like “as observers, we too were distressed at the approach to teaching….” They pointedly state that “in short the answer is no” to the question “Are nurses entering practice equipped with the knowledge and skills of todays practice and prepared to continue clinical learning for tomorrow’s nursing?”
With a cursory acknowledgement that nursing academia has made strides in the past several years, the authors share their less than positive analysis of the findings of the research study of US nursing education programs…

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