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Communication in nursing is an essential concept. It plays an important role in patient behaviors such as compliance, patient satisfaction, and anxiety. Regardless of how well or thought out a care plan is problems can still arise. The job of the nurse is to deal with these problems that arise and help the patient to continue towards better health and wellbeing. Ida Jean Orlando’s theory, Deliberative Nursing Process, helps to allow nurses to formulate an effective nursing care plan that can also be adapted when any unexpected issue should happen to arise. In this paper I will discuss Orlando’s theory and how it can be applied to problems involving communication between the nurse and patient. I will discuss strategies for resolving these …show more content…
al., 2013). A substantial number of medical mistakes are a result from poor communication. It is especially important to make sure there is good communication between the nurse and patient/family in the home care setting. Sometimes as nurses, especially home care nurses, can get in a hurry trying to move on to the next patient and a lot of times there is a large communication break down. As home health nurses we are the ears, eyes, and hands of our patients most of the time. Being the surrogate for the doctor means as nurses we need to be able to communicate well with not only the patients but be able to communicate effectively, quickly and clearly with the …show more content…
The basis of the theory is for nurses and patients to identify the need for help and provide that help individually to ensure the meeting of the patient’s needs. In my future role as a nurse leader, I can educate nurses that through the use of Orlando’s theory, nurses can control and evaluate the effectiveness of their practice and patients can decide on the action(s) that will increase their sense of adequacy and well-being.
In conclusion, practicing nurses must manage health issues that focus not only on the patient, but those that focus on the family and broader society. Nurses also have a primary role in patient and family health education. Through the use of nursing theories, which has provided the foundation for understanding nursing, patients, families and health has led to widely used innovations in patient care, nurse experiences, nurse-patient relationships, and nursing administration. The evolution of nursing is not a new process or concept; however, we must continue to utilize nursing theory to conduct research to develop the professional boundaries for the continued growth of the profession. By joining in a common effort to advance the profession, as we ensure the best interest of the patients (and families) we serve, the nursing profession can seek to build a new identity for itself and

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