Nursing Certification

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NUR 562 Health Policy & Bioethics: Nursing Certifications
Nurses today are taking on new responsibilities in healthcare. From coordinating care from various providers, organizing caseloads of patients with various healthcare needs, and assisting patients out of hospitals and into homes or other settings, nurses are diligently working towards opening new paths in all areas of nursing. They have become champions for illness prevention and wellness promotion and have cemented their positions as leaders in society. As a result of the expanding role of a nurse, the profession has also moved towards equipping nurses with more tools and knowledge to meet the new demands of healthcare. Furthermore, as nurses become more specialize in different areas
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It helps to validate specialty knowledge, clinical judgment, and experience more accurately compared to registered nursing licensure, which measures entry-level competence. In addition to this, nurses with specialty certifications can work along side other healthcare professionals who also possess specialty knowledge with fewer barriers. Validating clinical judgment through certification is believed to increase the confidence of nurse and allow them to make decisions with greater confidence as well (American Association of Critical-Care Nurse, 2015). It enables nurses to experience personal growth and increase job satisfaction ( ). Due to the knowledge that the process is voluntary, specialty certification exemplify the commitment of the nurse to their career development and dedication to patient care. This can really been seen in the expanding role of the nurse. Today, nurses are serving as full and essential partner on interdisciplinary healthcare teams. Advanced practice nurses with these types of certifications are opening nurse-led primary care clinics and operating independently in growing numbers of states and in new settings such as retail pharmacies like Walgreens and …show more content…
Its benefits and impacts on the community and healthcare continue to be evident. For this reason certifications should be offered in nursing and should be allowed to help grow this field for years to

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