A Reflection On Teaching And Learning Essay

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Therefore, having passion for teaching is where the strength of the teacher enters and mixes with the teaching and learning to help pupils achieve their target while enhancing their self-esteem. Although supporting children in their learning can be challenging both for the teachers and the pupils as different pupils come into school with variety of attitude and boundaries.
As suggested by Tony little, “Any great education enables young people to develop a true sense of self-worth, with this come the ability to be useful to others.” (BBC Radio 4, 2014) In other words, for a teacher to be passionate about subject teaching, helps children to succeed by pushing and stretching their limits, to help them achieve in their learning. According to the Teacher standards (DfE , 2011) a teacher is expected to demonstrate constantly high level of personal and professional conduct, therefore the teachers’ role is extremely important .The current Zeitgeist suggest that learning can be crafted by the teacher (Hattie, 2009) The teachers mould and shape pupils by offering a mixture of knowledge, skills, collaborative activities, strategies, different educational theories, educational thinking, current policies and procedures based on their reflective practice. This would further to provide an opportunity to exercise my own judgement on what to teach, how to teach, following National Curriculum of England (DfE, 2011). Looking at this point, clearly the teacher, simultaneously nurture…

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