Essay on A Reflection On Public Health

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The words above come across as simple, and reductive. That sentence written or said anywhere else would be regarded as a cliché self-help mantra. Yet, they have become a mantra I choose to live by. They remind me that every decision I make, no matter how trivial at that moment, is important in the grand scheme of things. The ability to affect such widespread change from little is indispensable to leadership, and the career I have chosen for myself. As a Public health major, I am constantly learning how important the health and well-being of the community or society and how it affects the people in the population. In the last 18 Months, I have noticed a constant theme across the various public health classes I have taken; the health of the population is affected not just by the people themselves, but by different interdependent and dependent factors. However, this semester I was opportune to take a different kind of public health class; a Leadership seminar. Initially, I resented having to take another extra class, and failed to see the importance of the class, because as a public health major, we are taught to look beyond the individual, and think big picture, but here I was made to deal with the individual, no longer a community. Three months later, I could not have been more wrong about this class. It has put a positive tilt on the general trajectory of my future career, and leadership potential. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people” by Stephen R. Covey was a…

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