Essay A Reflection On My Childhood

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Reflection on my Childhood
When I was growing up, I was constantly reminded of who I am. I am Navajo, also, known as Diné from the Navajo Nation. I was born on December of 1979 in Tuba City, Az. My parents have instilled into me to be no less of where they came from directing to the high rate of poverty and unemployment on the Navajo Nation. My father was a hard worker and a sole provider for the family of 13, which included my grandmother, nieces, and nephews. My mother who was sent to boarding school at a young age, also, has presented to me the sacrifices and hard work will provide for the best in the future. I assumed we were a middle class family growing up and I was often told not to take anything for granted. This is why I believe in hard work is the key to success.
My culture and tradition are important aspects in my family. We are often reminded to introduce ourselves with our clans to identify us. Our language is still spoken in our household back on the Navajo Nation and I speak my language with my spouse to keep our language going. Considering most indigenous tribes are gradually losing their language, it is important to preserve ours. Our elders declare our language is what identifies us with the holy people and speaking the language has additional value than speaking English. It is a survival tool and differs us from another human race.
Practicing our tradition is important to my parents. There have been many indigenous people who have turned to other…

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