Essay about A Reflection On Family Therapy

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Family therapy has always presented itself as a treatment for people within the framework of their environment, and this standard has been considered the pragmatic expression of guidance upon family relationships (Nichols, 2016). Today, counselors remain receptive to the need to understand the ethnic experience of their client’s family, so incorrect suppositions are not formulated just because the clients are from a diverse culture. Structural Family therapy provides a comprehensive framework that brings contextual aspects of the family unit into the therapy session by identifying consistent patterns of family behavior no matter the family traditions. By identifying the hierarchical structure, family accommodations inside and outside the home, the use of joining techniques, and modifications through enactment, a therapist may aid a family with dynamic concerns. This academic theory with aforementioned terms will be considered through one episode of the television series Dr. Ken entitled Child of Divorce- Like Father, Like Son.
Episode Summary Dr. Ken is a sitcom that chronicles the life of the Park family and centers on Dr. Kendrick Park who is a relentlessly joking Korean-American physician who practices at a poorly managed HMO. Dr. Ken is egocentric and is inconsiderate to his friend’s and family’s feelings. He is married to Allison who is a psychiatrist that frequently provides him with advice. They have two children; Dave their brilliant ten-year-old but socially…

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