Essay on A Reflection On Being Fair Minded

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Reflection essay
From time to time we think about who we are. As a teacher, a peer, a friend, a daughter- We often do not have the time to figure out our flaws and strengths as it is not relevant. However, being a teacher would be highly beneficial as there are expectations to reach and new innovative ways of teaching to be taught. Who am I made us reflect on who we are as a person and what identifies us, in terms of our beliefs, attitudes and cultural influences. The topic made us consider how being fair minded was very important as it could influence the learning environment. Catering for diversity is also an important aspect in teaching which every teacher should have a thorough knowledge of living in a multicultural country. The curriculum documents are essential and should always be considered in and out of the classroom environment. Using the context in a fun way would be ideal for learners, “greater encouragement to teachers to use their initiative to plan and teach in imaginative and interesting ways that challenge students with rich and varied learning experiences.” (McGee, C. 2012)
Through the VIA character strength survey (Peterson, C. 2002) it gave us a better indication of our own personal characteristics. My top four strengths were social intelligence, humour, kindness and love. This was interesting because I have not thought or analysed about my traits until we took the test which was very interesting. Strangely enough, someone who has similar listed…

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