A Reflection Of The Six Piecess Of Art

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When picking the six pieces of art work for my art exhibit I wanted a common theme with in each of the works. The common theme with each of these art works that I see is bodies on motion. The order I would place these pieces of art works in my exhibit would start with the Vitruvian Man, then into Basketball player, next would be Motion Study: Male Nude, Standing jumping to the right, followed by Blue dancer, than Danza de La Tierra to the last imagine being Falling Women. The first three photos I placed in this order because without know the natural patterns the body moves in then we would be able to allow the body movement. The next photo shows the muscles that it takes to do a simple task such as dribbling a basketball. The third photo shows …show more content…
This work of art actually a model of Thomas Eakins himself. Thomas Eakins wanted to show the anatomy through photography as well as through the observation of direction. When looking at this photograph you can see different directions that the arms and legs are going while in the process of this jump. As you look at the photo you can see some chiaroscuro on the floor of where Thomas Eakins is jumping. It is darker on the outsides and it gets lighter towards the middle.
Painting created by Edgar Degas titled Blue dancer in 1897 helps the viewer see what it is like for a dancer before she enters the stage. If you look closely you can see that Edgar Degas used diagonal lines to help guild the viewer’s eyes around the art work. The blue of the dancer’s tutus gives you a calm feeling even though the dancers are feeling nervous and anxious to get on
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Baca titled Danza de La Tierra gives the viewer a Mexican feel. As you can see the artist used bright colors throughout the painting to show the culture. As you can see in the skirt the man different little object that represents the Mexican Culture. The sky in this painting is filled with many different vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, electric blue, and purple. When the viewer looks at the sky you might get an electric and vibrant feeling. Within this art work you can see many actual lines with the buildings and well in the ground and in the sky. There are a few implied lines that were created from the skirts that the dancers are

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