A Question Of Honor By Mark Edmundson Essay

1279 Words Sep 18th, 2015 null Page
In a place where media is as mainstream as reading, is there a decline of intelligence? Is there even plausible proof to deterioration of American intelligence? Mark Edmundson, author of “Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here,” and William Chace, author of “A Question of Honor,” both give their reasoning to this decay of intelligence. Both Edmundson and Chace examine the ways in which colleges and universities play a key role in the problem of “anti-intellectualism” in America. Mark Edmundson informs his readers of his beliefs that college is only the beginning. He starts off his article by addressing this issue with his intended reader, college students. Edmundson speculated that to get a “real education” one must work for it(115). The struggle isn’t one against drugs, alcohol, partying, or lack of attention, but one against college students beliefs. Too many college students come into college looking for only a degree, he finds. Too few college students want to learn, he argued. Education is not handed to college students nor is it forced upon students like in lower education. Education is something struggled for and few receive. Edmundson described that college is not the final destination, but a stop for intellectual exploration, where students should find what they want to be in life. Edmundson hints towards the lack of intellectual values growing among college students. Edmundson continues as he outlines the flaw in university education, which is that “for…

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