A Psychology Scholar And Practitioner Who Divides Her Time Between Training And Consulting, Clinical Practice

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On Courage
Rachel Schreier
Dr. Rachel Schreier is a psychology scholar and practitioner who divides her time between training and consulting, clinical practice, and scholarly writing and research. She works with both adults and adolescent clients with a variety of emotional, behavioral, and adjustment problems such as depression, stress and anxiety. She has much experience with a multitude of patients.
What is courage? Is courage being yourself when you’re different from everyone else? Is it doing something that no one seems to believe you can do? Is it standing up for what’s right, even if doing so puts yourself in danger? Is it risking your life for that of someone else? Is courage facing your fears, no matter the size? Is it being able to prove yourself in battle?
We all face difficulties in our lives like losing a loved one, having someone on your bad side, or even having something stolen. But fortitude is what sets courageous people apart from the cowardly. Being able to go out there and face those difficulties and solve them with strength and tact.

It seems to be that only few possess these qualities. These are not seen in many people because fear appears to outweigh bravery in such individuals. To simplify it, courage is an act of bravery, which doing so is easier said than done. Being courageous enough to do what is right earns one the respect to be called a hero. While some may see being courageous as having to be doing something big, it may be something as…

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