A Problem Exists Essay

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A Problem Exists
William Baughan
Prof Valentine
ENG 215

A Problem Exists
The liberals in our political system have always tried to get rid of guns that they are a danger to us as a society and the conservatives and libertarians follow the Second Amendment of our Constitution. The Second Amendment gives us the right to keep and bear arms as well as protection from others. I believe citizens should be permitted to carry concealed weapons in their workplaces, such as schools and offices, which would deter criminals, increase security, and create an atmosphere of safety.
Homicides by weapon type, 1976-2004. Gun-involved homicides have increased since falling to a low in 1999.
Homicides by weapon
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It is my opinion that a lot of this comes from the breakdown of families. Some more reasons for these shootings are because people who need to be taking medicine for mental reasons decide not to take their medicine. There are those who don’t have medical reasons, so they take these medicines for recreational purposes and become addicted, which can leads to these behaviors. Let’s not forget about gangs in some schools that lead to the shootings, also some people are just downright evil in nature. With a lot of unknowns about the increase in school shootings that lead to students, teachers, and faculty deaths, so something needs to be done about it. More than half the states don’t allow security guards, teachers, and staff to have guns at school.
Thirdly, outside of these school shootings you have office shootings that don’t happen as often, but when they do they are pretty bad. For instance, someone gets laid off this poor economy and comes back in to shoot the place up. Companies have liability and Workmen’s compensation insurances for employees when they get hurt. If a person comes into their workplace to kill someone working there and someone else got hit by a stray bullet they will have a Workmen’s Comp. claim. Workmen’s Comp. claims hurt the company’s bottom line. If the stray bullet hit someone that doesn’t work there they will have a lawsuit on their hands.
Next, there are a lot of shootings in public places such as malls and airports. If you

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