Essay on A Place For Stand By Jimmy Santiago Baca

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Each person, at some point, will be confronted with obstacles, troubles they will not see coming, and things that will prevent them from achieving their goals. Once a person becomes so defeated, however, all hope is either lost—or found. By this, a person’s life will change dramatically, and how they deal with these issues will ultimately determine one’s character and grit. With regards to Jimmy Santiago Baca’s A Place to Stand, he depicts the difficulties he confronted, and he wishes to be acknowledged by the general public, his companions, and by his family. Even though he faces a lot of challenges, he is determined to find his right place—his right place to stand. Thus, Jimmy Santiago Baca’s story is one about the positive view of life and about one’s need to always improve. During his childhood, Baca depended only on himself. Like any other family, Baca 's parents were the most influence in their child life, but Baca’s life goes through bad circumstances dissolved him with his parents. As a young age, Baca had seen his father drunk and in jail, which is something that changes his life forever. Also, Baca’s mother tended to create a huge mistake by getting married a person that who becomes not the right person in her life, which is Baca’s father. Then, short afterward, she makes another big mistake when she left her kids and chose to create another life. Baca knew that his whole life would change and his coming days will be better with God 's help. Baca says in…

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