A Person 's Eye Essay

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The small twinkle in a person 's eye can mean many things. Maybe the small twinkling is a look of love, or maybe it is the joy coming from a child. I can also tell you that a twinkle in someone 's eye can mean bad, no scratch that, very bad things. Like the twinkle in someone 's eye when they wreak havoc, or in a small child when they know they are doing something wrong. This wasn’t the ordinary child about to draw on the walls twinkle, no this was more of an about to steal a car twinkle. If only he was planning on stealing a car. I remember that morning clearly, mostly because I still have the bruise on my hip from when I fell out of bed to my screaming alarm clock. It was about 7 in the morning, the sun barely peaked through my sheer curtains. My alarm clock usually plays some sort of radio music, but this morning it reverted to the default toddler temper tantrum. The loud noise cut through the silence, as I was perched curled in a ball by the edge of my bed. I fell hard. None of this catching myself phenomena, no this was a full out fall. I could hear my brother laughing in the frame of my door. I picked myself up off the ground with a groan, a small giggle escaping my lips. James ceased his laughing. He gave me a look and then spoke “We are going out today. I can’t stay around this house any more. One week into summer vacation and I’ve already gone stir crazy,” he spoke and made a circling motion next to his temple. I laughed again. My brother, being only two years…

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